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Monash University, through donations, supports the design and maintenance of the site. All other work here is voluntary.

The greatest debt is owed to the talented translators, in Australia, Israel, USA and UK , who freely gave of their work - a number of them without ever having met the Editor.

We are grateful to Mrs Margaret Birstein, Jerusalem, for permission to reproduce her late husband's book here. Her intellectual and emotional support for this project has been generous and spirited. Herself a prolific translator of Yossel's prose works into English, she has also helped with constructive criticisms of some of our translations here.

The "other Yosl" , Yosl Bergner, at once agreed to reproduction here of his illustrations to the book, and we have pleasure in presenting his fax to that effect here:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       Top^

Danielle Charak and Bobbi Zylberman of Monash University Jewish Studies made valuable comments.

Kadimah Library made multiple copies available of Birstein's book. Tomi Kalinski provided the Goldene Keyt poem.

To Rose Stone for generous information on her brother's lfe.
To Benny Lapid and Hanna Inbar, for providing family photos.

The following were a great help in the research of the earlier poems:
Yvonne Harrison at Australian Jewish News (in Melbourne)
Susan Faine at Jewish Museum of Australia for Oyfboy
Rosalind Olsen at Monash University Library.
State Library of Victoria.

We are deeply grateful to Dr June Factor (Melbourne University) for permitting publication of “Forgotten Soldiers”, on the army Employment Companies, from her forthcoming book.

Last but not least, Romek Mokotow supervised my editing of translations, and was good enough to retype several of  the early newspaper poems.
Andrew Firestone
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