My father’s sweat Yd

I say farewell Yd

At your fiery wedding Yd

Your face Yd

See Yd

At the end of the days Yd

The plea Yd

Under your terrible hand Yd

A letter in my hand Yd

Lovely daughter of the three gifts Yd Heb

My little brother Yd

Don’t Brighten Me Yd

My Lot Yd

The Arisen Yd

The Blessing for my Toil Yd

An ordinary street Yd

Christian Holiday Yd

A Strangeness flows from neighbors’ homes Yd

On its weary way Yd

Weary from Waiting Yd

Everywhere Yd

But still I haven’t wearied Yd

It’s Good Yd

Through The Windowpane Yd

At My Door Yd

How could my verses tell of wholeness? Yd

Inside an Army Tent Yd

Overcast Yd

People Yd Birstein's Translation

A visitor on my doorstep Yd

Twilight Yd

Upon the death of Pinkhas Goldhar Yd

Your generation too lived out its years in longing Yd

Signs Yd

At the factory Yd

No more to do with the roar Yd

My grandfather was shamed by the clamorous world Yd

And my mother is close by Yd

When the nation weeps in tragedy Yd Heb